I am so glad I sent my girls to Dance Du Coeur! I have been completely satisfied with the instruction they have received, the courtesy of the front desk staff, the quick reply to any questions I emailed in, etc… I also love the variety of classes that are offered. There is truly something for everyone!

Elizabeth Lorber,

This was my daughter’s first year to dance. She has really enjoyed all of it and wants to come back for the summer and fall! The location, class size, fun events outside of class held at the studio and teacher were all great! I highly recommend this studio to all!

Joy Williams,

My eleven year old daughter began dancing at Dance du Couer last September just to try it our and see if she’d enjoy it as much as she thought she might. She hadn’t danced since she was four. She began in a fun jazz class and absolutely loved it. I saw her confidence soar as the months went by. She loves dance and has some natural talent and showiness. She was invited to join the dance team in the Winter as an alternate and has had the opportunity to compete. She came off the stage after her first competition and said “That was so much fun! I want to do it again!”. You can’t buy that kind of happiness for your child. It comes from confidence and love of dance. I thank Dance du Couer for inspiring my child; for giving her positive critique; for teaching her proper technique; and providing a fun learning environment with awesome dance instructors. Thank you all!

Lesa Mohr,

My daughter loves Ms. Whitney and Dance Du Coeur. We always catch Addison twirling in her tutu and ballet shoes. We have caught her wearing her tap shoes to bed. She watches the older kids and is inspired. Especially to take the hip hop class. We have the organization to be very organized and our very pleased with Dance Du Coeur (as well as Addison). In fact, our 17 month old sneaks in every Saturday during the class interim (used to change into their tap shoes) to tap shoes and hug Ms. Whitney.
Thank you for the attentiveness and love

Tammy, Michael and Addison Mouton,