This Schedule is subject to change, based on enrollment. Minimum four students required per class:

Ages for classes are as follows:

Mommy & Me — 18 to 30 months
Baby Ballet — 30 to 36 months
Pre-Ballet B — 3 to 4 yrs.
Pre-Ballet A — 3.5 to 4 years and those that have taken Pre-Ballet B
Ballet/Tap B — 5 to 6 yrs
Ballet/Tap A — 5 to 6 yrs and those that have taken Ballet/Tap B
Ballet/Jazz — 5 to 6 yrs
Ballet/Lyrical – 5 to 6 yrs
Intro to Hip Hop — 4.5 to 6 yrs
Level 1 classes — 7 to 9 yrs
Level 2 classes — 9 to 11 yrs
Level 3 classes — 10 to 15 yrs
Level 4 classes — 10 to 15 yrs
Level 5 — 13 and up w/ approval
Teen classes — Beginners aged 11 and up
Adults — 17 and up.

* For classes with A or B levels, A is higher.
Mommy & Me (ages 18 to 24 mos.)
In this class, the young child works with Mom to learn the basics of movement, music, and rhythm. Designed to be fun and entertaining, this class instills a sense of love for dance and music so that the child will want to pursue classes when he or she gets older.

Baby Ballet (age 2)
Not quite ready for the next level, but past Mommy & Me, your toddler will love this class which consists of creative movement and very basic Ballet technique.

Pre-Ballet (3 to 4 years old)
This is an introductory class which incorporates props, games, and exercises to teach the basics of rhythm, memorization, and Ballet. Children learn different ways to move their bodies to music, drawing on their own creativity as well. Children must be fully potty trained. This class is offered in two levels with the first level being for younger or beginner dancers. Ballet slippers required.

Ballet/Tap (5 to 6 years old)
This is a combination class of Ballet and Tap basics.Children learn the beginning elements of dance in a setting that instills discipline in a positive, encouraging manner. This class is offered in two levels, with the first level being for younger or less experienced dancers. Ballet slippers & Tap shoes required.

Ballet/Jazz (5 to 6 years old)
This is combination class of Ballet and Jazz basics. Ballet teaches fundamental techniques while the Jazz portion introduces basic musicality, leaps, and energetic movement. Ballet slippers and Jazz shoes required.

Ballet is the foundation for all other western dance. It uses precise, highly formalized movements and teaches grace, posture, flexibility, and discipline. Students in Ballet will work at the barre to develop their balance, proper placement, and the positions. Ballet classes also include Center Work and Variations. Students shall be placed in a class based on a teacher evaluation. Ballet shoes required. Ages 7 and up.

This dance form emphasizes the body’s natural lines, allowing a greater range and fluidity of movement . It is versatile and can be combined with other dance styles to create unique and creative movements. It is a highly expressive dance form and students learn how to bring emotion and music interpretation to their art. No shoes required. It is also referred to as Lyrical.

Tap is a rhythmic dance form characterized by the sounds of tap shoes on the floor in time with music. This class helps students develop a sense of rhythm, coordination, and musicality. Tap is great for learning syncopation, which helps students in all other dance forms. Students learn all major tap steps and progress into Timesteps and combinations in the advanced classes. Tap shoes required.

This fast paced class incorporates quick turns, jumps, & power moves to create an energetic dance form. It teaches center control, spotting, and leaps. Jazz allows dancers some freedom of interpretation when executing steps and moves, which makes this class fun and exciting. Jazz dancers need a background in ballet to excel. Jazz shoes required.

Hip Hop
Hip Hop dancing is a style that combines footwork, freezes, and body isolations in time to Hip Hop music. Students learn the basics of Popping and Locking, as well as Jazz Funk. This is an energetic class that helps students develop their sense of rhythm, timing, creativity, and self confidence. Clean boots or sneakers, please.

Special Classes:

Modern (ages 12 and up)
Dancers with a solid ballet base will enjoy these movement exercises that explore use of gravity, spatial awareness, rhythm, and energy.

Aerial Silk (ages 11 and up)
These classes introduce students to the fundamentals of silk dance, which is done with the use of silks suspended from the ceiling beams. This introductory class encourages proper form and technique while teaching the student to execute basic moves close to the ground. The goal at this level is to build core and upper body strength, while achieving body awareness and confidence in the air.