Our prices

All classes are one hour, except upper level ballet, contemporary, and jazz classes which are 1.25 to 2 hours long and Pre Ballet, Intro to Ballet, and Mommy & Me which are 45 minutes long and Baby Ballet which is 30 minutes long. Classes that are 1.25 hours long cost the same as classes that are 1.5 hours long and tuition will be calculated as such. Pre Ballet and Mommy & Me are charged at the one hour rate as the studio incurs additional expenses related to the purchase of materials and props for this class.

Classes are offered once a week so the tuition below is the monthly rate PER STUDENT. Parents with multiple children may not apply the discount in this way. Parents with more than one child may have a ten percent discount.

Tuition Rates:

30 minutes—$45

45 min. to 1 hour -$83

1.25 to 1.5 hour weekly class—$120

Two 1 hour classes a week—$134

One 1 hour class + one 1.5 hour class a week—$165

Three 1 hour classes a week—$195

Two 1 hour classes + one 1.5 hour class a week—$210

Four 1 hour classes a week—$250

Three 1 hour classes + one 1.5 hour class a week—$263

Five 1 hour classes a week—$290

Four 1 hour classes and one 1.5 hour class a week—$295

Unlimited Classes a week and free studio rental—$350

Students from the same family are given a 10% discount. No discounts are given for students in Company or who are on the “unlimited plan”.

Summer pricing is $17 per one hour or 1.5 hour class, $14 per 30-45 min. class with packages of five or ten 1-1.5 hour classes at $75 or $140 and packages of five 30-45 minute classes at $65 or $125. There are NO make up classes offered in the summer unless we cancel the class! Classes with fewer than three students are cancelled with two days notice in the summer. This is done on a weekly basis. There are NO refunds or credits for classes that your student misses in the summer!