Recital Show 2

“Heartbeats” 2016 Recital 2

Stafford Centre: 10505 Cash Rd, Stafford, TX.



Dress Rehearsal: Wednesday May 25, 5:30-8:30 p.m.

Recital: Saturday, May 28, 4:00-5:30 p.m.

The following is not in show order:
Monday 4:30 Baby Ballet (
Monday 4:45 Ballet/Tap 1 (Rain Drops Keep Falling on My Head)
Monday 5:00 Jazz 2 (TBA)
Tuesday 5:00 Tap 2 (Umbrella)
Tuesday 6:00 Ballet 2B (On the Beautiful Blue Danube)
Tuesday 8:00 Adult Tap (Come Fly With Me)
Wednesday 5:00 Jazz 4A (TBA)
Wednesday 5:30 Pre-Ballet 2 (A Dream is a Wish your Heart Makes)
Wednesday 6:15 Ballet 1 (Fly to Your Heart)
Thursday 5:00 Contemporary 2 (Sunscreen)
Thursday 6:00 Contemporary 5 (TBA)
Thursday 6:00 Hip Hop 2 (Can’t Hold Us)
Thursday 7:00 Hip Hop 3B (Call Me Fancy)
Friday 10:00 a.m. Pre-Ballet 2 (Rainbow Connection)
Friday 4:00 Ballet/Tap (All You Need is Love)
Friday 4:30 Ballet/Jazz (Rotten to the Core)
Friday 5:00 Jazz 1 (Til the Da I Die)
Saturday 9:15 a.m. Pre-Ballet 1 (TBA)
Saturday 9:15 a.m. Pre-Ballet 2 (The Banana Boat Song)
Saturday 10:45 a.m. Ballet/Tap 2 (Favorite Things)

1. Before Leaving Your House:

· Dress your dancer in tights (if applicable) and costume, apply makeup (blush, eye-shadow, lipstick,), accessories (if included) and style hair according to instructions from teacher.
· Dancers may wear their dance shoes to the Stafford Center or they may put them on as soon as they arrive. If the dancer wears their street shoes into the Stafford Centre, they must take them off and put their dance shoes on before entering the dressing room and parents will need to hold onto the street shoes.
· Dancers in more than one dance will bring their other costume, shoes, and tights in a dress bag.
· Unless your child is on a very restricted diet or is very picky, there is NO need to pack snacks! We will provide snacks and water.
· Your child will not be able to bring any non-disposable possessions/items into the dressing rooms so please don’t send them with anything unless it is disposable! (Except their second costume if they are in another dance). We will have activities for them in the dressing room. Your child will be leaving directly from the stage after recital and will not be going back to the dressing room to get anything left there.

2. Arrival Times and Process:

A) Dress Rehearsal arrive at 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday, May 25.

· When you arrive, park in front of the Stafford Center and go up the stairs to enter through the set of glass doors to the MAIN LOBBY. You will see signs.
· Have your child use the restroom before checking in!
· Have your child put on their dance shoes. Parents hold onto their street shoes.
· Check your child in at the check-in table. A volunteer will take your child into the auditorium to sit with his/her class to watch the dress rehearsal until it is his/her time to take the stage. Please note on the sign in sheet whether you will be watching from the balcony or leaving the building so that the class volunteer can call or text you when your child is ready to be picked up.
· Parents may fill out or drop off order forms for recital pictures at the Nessossi table
· Parents may go up the stairs to the balcony to watch if they want.

B) Recital arrive at 3:00 p.m. on Saturday, May 28

· Park in front of the Stafford Center and enter through the set of glass doors to the LEFT of the main doors. You will see signs.
· Have your child use the restroom before checking in!
· Find an area away from the check-in table to have your child put on their dance shoes. Parents hold on to their street shoes.
· Remember, your child will not be allowed to bring any non-disposable items into the dressing room. If you want to send them with a paper sack with snacks or bottled water, you may, but we will not accept any items that can’t be thrown away. No electronic devices, toys, plastic water bottles etc.
· Check in at the table in front of the dressing rooms. A volunteer will take your child to the dressing room. ONLY volunteer parents will be allowed in the dressing room. Please say good bye to your child at the check in table.

3. Behind the Scenes/Backstage at Dress Rehearsal and Recital:

· Rest assured, your child will be in good hands in the dressing room and backstage as our team of volunteers keep them occupied, focused, and comfortable. They will attach their accessories (if they have one) and make sure they look perfect before going on stage!
· Nessossi Studios will be taking individual (if ordered) and group shots backstage at dress rehearsal.
· After your child has performed, they will be taken back to the dressing room to wait for the Grand Finale. All dancers will walk across the stage and take a bow at the end of the show.

4. Dismissal Process:

A) Dress Rehearsal

· Students may leave dress rehearsal after they have performed their dance and have had their picture taken backstage. All costume accessories will be removed from them and kept backstage. Please meet your child in the lobby and check out with a class volunteer. If you have left the building and not watched dress rehearsal from the balcony, the class volunteer will call you when it is time to pick up your child and check out.
· We are not going to follow the show order for dress rehearsal . All, Pre Ballet, Ballet/Tap, and Ballet/Jazz, classes will go first.

B) Recital

· Students will be dismissed FROM THE STAGE after the Grand Finale at Recital.
· Students will sit with their classes on stage while the auditorium is cleared.
· ONLY ONE PARENT PER CHILD may stay in the auditorium to wait for their child’s class to be announced for dismissal. When a class is announced, the parents will approach the stage and retrieve their child. Only one parent per child may come up to the stage.

5. Tickets & Seating:

· ONLINE Recital Tickets are going on sale on Friday, April 29 at 7:00 p.m. Go to this website to choose your seats: and print out your tickets! Tickets are RESERVATION ONLY so if you want your group to sit together, you need to pay for them all at once. If you go back later to purchase more tickets, any available seats will likely be in a different section. There are no refunds for unused tickets.
· You will get a coupon code emailed to you on Thursday, April 21 or Friday, April 22.
Enter the coupon code when you are checking out online. Each family will get a coupon
code that will allow them to get three free tickets PER student in their family. So, if you
have two children, your coupon code will be good for six free seats—whether at the same
show or at a subsequent show. If you have a child that it is in more than one show, your
coupon code will allow you to get three free seats to all shows he/she is in. Any additional
seats are $10 each, plus a nominal service fee. Children under the age of three can sit in
your lap, if you wish, and you won’t have to buy a seat for them.
· Any unsold tickets will be available for purchase on the day of recital, at the Stafford Centre for $15 each.
· Doors will open at 3:15 p.m. for the show.

6. Other Information:

· Deadline to purchase an ad for the Recital brochure is April 30. A half page is $25 and a full page is $50. Please ask for more info. on this.
· NO video taping or flash photography during the recital performance!
· DVDs are available to order for $40 each with a second available for $30. If you have a child in two different shows or multiple children in different shows, the second DVD is free.
· We aren’t selling roses this year! Please be sure to bring a bouquet for your dancer!
· Videos and Nesossi pictures will be available for pick up within about a month.
· We open for Fall Registration on the day of Recital and will have a Spin to Win Prize wheel in the lobby for an opportunity to win discounts and prizes. We open our classes up to the general public on June 1.
· Summer classes go from June 6– August 6. Enrollment has already started online. No registration fees!


Nesossi form show 2
Recital and Dress Rehearsal Details for show 2 2016