Fall Classes start August 28, 2017

Dance Du Coeur was created to give children and adults the opportunity to learn and practice dance in a quality facility and to receive instruction from highly trained professionals who are creative, current, and passionate. Learning dance is more than learning steps and movements, it’s also about fostering a sense of artistry and expression. We expect that our students will develop and sustain a love and appreciation for performance art and most importantly, that they will always dance from the heart.

1. Studio Environment
We want dancers to LOVE coming to Dance du Coeur and to feel comfortable in our studio environment. But, we also want to instill a sense of discipline and respect in our students, as this is part of proper dance etiquette. Students are expected to display good behavior, present a positive, “can do” attitude, and show respect for their teachers, the director, and each other. These expectations also translate into rules pertaining to attendance, dress, hair, and snacks.

A. Attendance: Punctuality and regular attendance are mandatory. Refunds or discounts are not given for missed classes, but make up classes are offered if requested. Attendance is taken at the beginning of each class.

B. Hair and Dress: Students should wear a cover up coming to and leaving the studio and should not wear their dance shoes outside the studio. The dress code sheet, attached to this set of policies, specifies the required attire for each class.

C. Snacks: Food and drink (except water in a water bottle) are not permitted in the studios. A refrigerator and a microwave are available for use if students wish to bring a healthy snack to eat during a break.

2. Drop off and Dismissal
Parents are required to accompany their child to the front door and pick them up from the front door when they are dismissed from class. If they choose to allow their child to walk to the front door or leave exit the building without their supervision, IT IS AT THEIR OWN RISK.

3. Lobby Rules

A. Parents and guests are allowed to observe dancers through the viewing windows but should not tap
on the glass or distract the students while they are in class. Please refrain from allowing your child to touch the windows.

B. Parents and guests that are observing the dancers MUST be respectful of others who are also watching by not making disparaging remarks, by talking on their cell phones, by allowing younger children to cry, scream, or play loudly, or by blocking the viewing windows. Those that are disrupting the peace in the hallways or viewing area may be asked to refrain from their disruptive activity and/or asked to leave.

C. The lobby should be kept quiet and clean. Please respect the space and treat it as you would your own home. Siblings or younger children are not permitted to play in the lobby or outside on the balcony without parental supervision and Dance Du Coeur assumes no liability for injuries sustained inside or outside the studio. Please take measures to prevent your child from playing with or on the chairs, from spilling food or drink on the rug, and from vomiting on the rug.

D. Dance Instructors should only be approached before or after class. If the instructor has another class to teach, parents should email the instructor or director with their questions or concerns or schedule a meeting.

E. Parents and guests must stay in the lobby. They may not go into the studio rooms to get their children as the teacher will dismiss them into the lobby after class. Parents and guests are not to sit down or stand inside the studio to observe, video tape, or take pictures of a class unless they are invited to do so.

4. Studio Rules

A. Dancers should not wear their dance shoes outside, nor should they wear their street shoes onto the studio floor.

B. Try to arrive ten minutes early to class in order to properly stretch.

C. When you enter the dance studio room, be ready to dance! The teacher wants to use every minute of available time teaching!

D. No gum in the studio rooms.

E. No food or drinks (except water) in the studios.

F. Do not touch the mirrors or windows

G. No “horse play” in the studios.

H. No guests are allowed in the studio during class unless they are invited by the teacher.

I. Teachers may cover the viewing windows if they deem it necessary to prevent students from being distracted by anyone or anything outside the studio room. This is at their discretion.

J. Please wait in the lobby or pick up your child on time. We are not responsible for students after their class is over.

5. Teacher Instruction
Teachers sometimes use a “hands on” approach to instruct students on proper technique. Please be advised before enrolling your child if you are not OK with this approach. Teachers may send the student out of the studio if they are not in dress code or not following studio rules or participating in class.

6. Tuition

A. Tuition is due on the 25th day of the month and applies to the following month, from the 1st through the 30th or 31st. We collect a few days early to have time to process the payments. For the 2017-2018 year, August and June tuition will be prorated.

B. We request that tuition is paid through our autodraft system, linked to your bank account through a voided check. You may also set up your autodraft with a credit card or debit card but will be charged a 3.5% service fee each time the card is charged. Any declined debits will be charged a $25 fee for insufficient funds. Other payment arrangements can be made with the Director, if neither of these methods work for you. Students will be suspended from class if tuition is more than one week past due. They may re-enroll but will have to pay a new registration fee.

C. Monthly Tuition is based on the total number of classes taken during the studio year (September through end of May) and divided by 9 (with August and June prorated), so therefore it is the same every month, regardless of the month and holidays. No refunds are given for missed classes, no exceptions. If the studio cancels classes due to weather, “make-up” classes will be offered before the year end. Tuition will not be refunded or discounted due to emergency closures.

D. All classes are one hour, except upper level ballet, contemporary, and jazz classes which are 1.25 to 2 hours long and Pre Ballet, Intro to Tap, and Mommy & Me which are 45 minutes long and Baby Ballet which is 30 minutes long. Classes that are 1.25 hours long cost the same as classes that are 1.5 hours long and tuition will be calculated as such. Pre Ballet and Mommy & Me are charged at the one hour rate as the studio incurs additional expenses related to the purchase of materials and props for this class.
Classes are offered once a week so the tuition below is the monthly rate PER STUDENT. Parents with multiple children may not apply the discount in this way. Parents with more than one child may have a ten percent discount.

Tuition Rates:
30 minutes—$45
45 min. to 1 hour -$83
1.25 to 1.5 hour weekly class—$120
Two 1 hour classes a week—$134
One 1 hour class + one 1.5 hour class a week—$165
Three 1 hour classes a week—$195
Two 1 hour classes + one 1.5 hour class a week—$210
Four 1 hour classes a week—$250
Three 1 hour classes + one 1.5 hour class a week—$263
Five 1 hour classes a week—$290
Four 1 hour classes and one 1.5 hour class a week—$295
Unlimited Classes a week and free studio rental—$350
Students from the same family are given a 10% discount. No discounts are given for students in Company or who are on the “unlimited plan”.
Summer pricing is $17 per one hour or 1.5 hour class, $14 per 30-45 min. class with packages of five or ten 1-1.5 hour classes at $75 or $140 and packages of five 30-45 minute classes at $65 or $125. There are NO make up classes offered in the summer unless we cancel the class! Classes with fewer than three students are cancelled with two days notice in the summer. This is done on a weekly basis. There are NO refunds or credits for classes that your student misses in the summer!
Prices stated in the 2017-2018 Policies supersedes any discrepancies in pricing stated in advertisements or any outdated materials.

E. Registration is $55 per student and $75 per family. A student is not enrolled in a class until the registration fee is paid.

7. Student Withdrawal from Class
There is a one month minimum for all classes, except in the summer. If a student wishes to withdraw, they must give one-month’s written notice. If a student drops a class, their parent must inform the office manager in writing as soon as possible. If a student drops a class or withdraws from the studio after recital fees and/or costume fees have been paid, there will be no refund.

8. Class Placement
Students are placed in classes based on their age and/or skill and ability, as assessed by the teacher. The teacher may recommend moving the student up or down a level after further evaluation. A student may be denied entry into a class that is not the appropriate level. Teachers complete a written evaluation of their students in the Spring in order and parents may have copies of these evaluations if requested. The evaluation will include the teacher’s recommendation for which class the student should take in the following Fall and will be based on how well they achieved/learned the skills taught to them as outlined in the class curriculum. It may also be based on the student’s level of commitment, their attentiveness and focus in class. Because Dance Du Coeur only offers four or five levels for any one dance form, it is unrealistic to expect a student to advance automatically to the next level every year. Most students spend more than one year in the level 2, 3, 4, and 5 classes. For classes with A and B sub-levels, A is the higher level.

9. Calendar
There will be no classes on: Saturday, September 2 or Monday, September 4 for Labor Day, Friday, September 29 for Fort Bend County Fair Day, Halloween , Thanksgiving holiday, November 20-25, Winter break, December 23-January 5, Spring break, March 12-17, and July 4th. There WILL be classes on other school holidays not noted above, unless announced otherwise.

10. Recital
All students are encouraged to participate in the recital at the end of the year. In addition, students who are in the recital must attend recital rehearsals at dates to be announced.

A. The Recital Fee is $80 per student. For siblings, the fee is $70 per student. Recital fees are due by February 15, 2018. A late fee will be charged if the recital fee is not received by March 1st. Each student/family gets three tickets for guests per show. If a family has dancers in multiple recital shows, they will get three tickets for every show their children are in. Seats are selected online through a ticket agency and release dates and instructions will be provided. Additional tickets may be purchased for $10 each through the ticket agency. Children age 2 and under may sit in an adult’s lap.

B. Costumes: The costume fee is $80 per costume with payment due November 15. Costume fees not paid by December 1st will result in a $25.00 late fee. Students are responsible for alterations to costumes that do not fit as you desire. Every student will be measured and fitted for the costume that is ordered for her and Dance Du Coeur is not responsible for exchanging the costume for a different size if it does not fit, unless an obvious mistake was made, in which case the studio will exchange the costume. In all other cases, the studio will try to accommodate the student’s needs if there is reasonable time and the costume company allows the exchange at no charge.

C. There are no refunds of recital fees, costume fees or ticket purchases. No exceptions!

D. Choreography : The choreography for each dance is created by the teacher, based on his or her artistic vision. Choreography will not be modified upon request. Students are required to perform the choreography as created if they commit to be in the recital dance.

E. Participation: It is critical that all students attend class from January through May when the recital dance choreography is being taught to the students and as they practice together as a group. If a student misses an excessive number of classes, to the detriment of the entire group and the success of the recital dance, the student may be removed from the dance and not allowed to participate in recital. No refunds will be given.

Students not performing in the recital will still learn the dance and will participate in class each week with the rest of the students. Learning choreography is an important part of dance and students will benefit from this exercise even if they are not performing on stage.

F. No photography or videotaping of the recital without permission from Dance Du Coeur.

11. Studio Dismissal/Termination
A student may be dismissed for non-payment or an excessive number of late payments, abuse or theft of property, behavior/actions that cause a disruption or compromise service to others, a failure to abide by studio policies, or at the discretion of the owners. We are a privately owned business and reserve the right to deny services to anyone that is not deemed a good fit for our studio.

Dance du Coeur, Sugar Land Dance Studio LLC, is not liable for injuries sustained on the studio premises. Parents, adult students, and legal guardians of minor students waive the right to any legal action for any injury sustained at the studio. Parents/guardians must sign the waiver as part of their child’s registration, either in person or online, and the document will be kept on file for the term of the student’s enrollment.

13. Photography/Videography
Dance Du Coeur takes pictures and videos of students for marketing purposes and all parents must sign a waiver for the release of their child’s picture and/or video. Parents must indicate whether they will allow their child to be photographed or video taped on their registration form.

For security purposes, a camera is set up at the front desk to monitor the activity of those entering and exiting the building and your signature on this policy indicates you acknowledge this.

14. Studio Rental
Charges for renting the studios are: $35 for the Studio C, $55 for Studio B, and $75 for Studio A & D, per hour. Rental fees are cash only! No credit cards or personal checks will be accepted. All Rentals must be approved by the owner, although contracted teachers may arrange private lessons and reserve studio space according to our administrative procedures. All students, unless they are members of Company or unless special exceptions are given, must pay the studio fee to the teacher during their private lesson. Private lesson rates are set up solely between the student and the instructor.