Competition Teams


About Our Competition Teams

Dance Du Coeur’s Company, One Beat, is a competitive dance team for dancers aged 6 and up. Dance Du Coeur students who are identified by their teachers as prospective One Beat members will be invited to join the team. Other prospective members are accepted through an audition process which includes performing a series of dance combinations for the director, an interview, and a questionnaire that is completed by the applicant and one parent. The member and both parents are required to sign a contract which commits them to taking specified classes and attending specified competitions, workshops, and other events for a 12 month period, which starts in June. Membership is reevaluated each year based on the student’s growth, contribution to the team in the form of his or her commitment, participation, integrity, and mature, respectful, interactions with fellow members, teachers, and the director.

Company members take dance classes and attend rehearsals Monday through Friday (schedules vary), with core classes in Ballet, Jazz (Company Technique), Tap and Contemporary. Some weekend practices will also be required but advance notice will be given.

One Beat junior, teen and senior teams attend six competitions in the Spring, between January and May, unless a collective decision is made for a team not to attend one. Petite company, unless otherwise decided as a group, attend three competitions a year. All teams perform at various community events throughout the year as well.

For students who are talented, serious, dedicated, and excited about dance, belonging to One Beat Company means getting a chance to develop their technique quickly and correctly through intense focus and practice. With that, their poise, sense of artistry, self confidence, and self discipline will also grow.

Belonging to Company also means working well with a team. Good sportsmanship, peer support, polite manners, integrity, and age-appropriate maturity are expected. This positive attitude, combined with hard work and a significant investment of time, results in a strong bond between Company members. We think you will form genuine friendships here that will last a lifetime. Additionally, you will develop a deep understanding of commitment and discipline that will prepare you for college and a future career, whether or not that involves dance.

Mini Company — Dancers aged 5 and 6 (by January 1, 2018) who have taken at least one year of dance, who were privately invited by the Company Director, or accepted through an auditions process. Members take one Ballet 1b, one Mini Technique class, and one Tap 1b class a week, plus two 45 min to 1 hour rehearsals a week.

Petite Company — Dancers aged 7 through 9 (by January 1, 2018) who have had at least one year of dance class and who were privately invited by the Company Director or accepted through an auditions process. Members take two ballet, one Tap and one Petite Technique class a week, plus two, 1.5 to 2 hour rehearsals a week.

Junior Company – Dancers aged 10 through 12 who are accepted through private recommendation by a teacher or through an auditions process. Junior Company takes two Ballet, one Contemporary, one Tap, one Junior Technique class a week, plus at least two rehearsals a week.

Teen Company — Dancers aged 13 through 15. Same requirements as Junior Company except for Tap, which is not required.

Senior Company – Dancers aged 15 and up. Same requirements as Teens.

Besides receiving the best possible instruction, attention, support, and mentorship for personal development and growth as a dancer, One Beat members receive many “perks”.


Why One Beat is simply UnBEATable

There are many other competition dance teams in the Fort Bend County area, but One Beat is simply unbeatable! Not only is this team a proven winner on the competition circuit, but One Beat offers perks and benefits that are second to none.

• Professional Directors. Our directors were competitive dancers as kids and have college degrees (or masters) in Dance.
• Quality Training. We aren’t striving to develop competition dancers, we are striving to develop professional dancers. You won’t spend endless hours learning and practicing dance tricks, although we do offer those classes, but you will spend the necessary time to master proper technique, strengthen your core, improve your flexibility, and develop musicality. Senior and Junior members will be required to attend at least two weekend conventions, such as West Coast Dance Explosion, Hollywood Vibe, Jump, or Artist Simply Human.
• A positive, motivating environment. At Dance Du Coeur, the instructors use positive reinforcement rather than threats or intimidation.
• A variety of teachers. You will be taking classes from several different teachers and this will expose you to more! Our teachers have dance degrees and most work professionally, or used to. They were specifically recruited to teach at Dance Du Coeur and are truly excellent.
• A variety of classes. We offer special classes not available at other studios such as Aerial Silks. • Amazing Choreography. We go out of our way to find the most artistic, trend – setting choreographers from across the country. Our pieces are unique and entertaining—what you would see at a professional dance concert. We steer clear from provocative or “cheesy” music, costumes, and choreography!
• Learn to “Dance From the Heart.” Our dancers stand out in competition because they know how to bring emotion and authentic expression to their dance. This is a skill that is not easily taught or learned, but we know what it takes! When you watch One Beat perform, you will feel, not just see, them dance.
• A state-of-the art facility. Our four practice studios are stage size or larger with sprung wood floors and natural light. The larger ones have a Marley floor cover. We have custom made curtains to cover the mirrors to create a stage environment. All our studios have Dropcams so you can access and email rehearsals for the purpose of studying and improving your dances. Our largest studios are equipped with a TV for video playbacks. We also have cubbies for you to store your bags, and a Company break room with a full size refrigerator, microwave and
comfortable couch where you can hang out between classes.
• Special Master Classes. We bring in special instructors to train our dancers in new methods that will help them grow. At times, we have special guests teach classes to challenge dancers with something new.
• Feedback. Our students receive comprehensive, written evaluations from their teachers. The directors have an “open door” policy and are available to meet with you, by appointment, or communicate via email about the student’s progress.
• Fun events! At Dance Du Coeur, we believe in inspiring our members by bringing them to see professional performances throughout the year. We also have studio sleepovers and fun group outings. One Beat dancers love to spend time together in class and out because they are a team at heart, not just for show. We have a zero tolerance policy for drama in the studio and if it surfaces, it is quickly “nipped in the bud.” We stress camaraderie, respect, and teamwork at all times!
• FREE use of studio space for privates! As long as the studio is available, you may reserve it for up to one hour at a time at no charge. We encourage our dancers to practice, practice, practice! • Give back! One Beat not only competes, but they perform at community events to bring awareness about certain issues or to entertain a crowd. We have performed at various Fort Bend County Women’s Center events as well as many local festivals. One Beat members may log these hours for community service goals. • Learn to Teach! One Beat members aged 9 and up may assist a class (but they must make a weekly commitment) which will look great on a resume some day! • Win! Last but not least, you will get to reap the rewards of all your hard work when One Beat wins at competition! Although we certainly cannot guarantee this will happen, we have the recipe for success and our chances are very good if everyone works hard.

2016 Competition Awards




Seniors Groups: 2nd (Colour Me In) and 3rd place (Human) overall

Petites Groups: 2nd place overall for Petite Lines (Drifters)

Petite Solos: 5th place overall, Cora (As Sure As the Sun), 6th place overall, Cristian (Sway)

Juniors Solos: 10th place overall, Elizabeth (Whatever Lola Wants)

Teens: 4th place overall, Jennifer (The Dawning), 8th place overall, Emily (Emphasis)

Star Systems

Awarded TOP Super Star Studio!

Awarded Ultimate Super Star Achievement for 13 & over groups (Colour Me In)

Senior Groups: 1st (Colour Me In), 2nd (tie between Hands Up, Hands High and Human) in

Superstar (highest) level

Teens Groups: 2nd (In the Naked Light) and 5th (Booty Swing) overall in Superstar level for large groups, 4th (Bones) overall in Superstar level for small groups

Juniors Groups: 1st place (Drifters) overall in Superstar level for large groups, 2nd place (Aftermath) overall in Superstar level for Lines 3rd place (Oh So Quiet) overall for Superstar level small groups

Petites Groups: 5th place (Hey Mr. DJ) overall ore Superstar level small groups

Little Mr. Superstar: Cristian

Junior Miss SuperStars: 1st to Cora, 2nd to Elizabeth

Petite Super Star Duets/Trios: 1st, Cora and Lily, 2nd, Laila and London, and 3rd (Cristian and Kaitlyn) in Superstar level

Petite Solos: 4th overall in Superstar level, Camila

Teen Solos: 1st overall, Jennifer and 5th overall, Emily, in Superstar level

Senior Solos: 1st overall, Olivia and 6th overall, Renee in Superstar level

West Coast Dance Explosion

Winner of High Point Award (highest points of entire competition) for Colour Me In!

Winner of the Regional Dance Genre Award (highest cumulative points in four dance genres)

Soloblast Regional Champion – Jennifer in The Dawning

Winner of the Entertainment Award for all Petite and Junior Groups—Oh So Quiet

Seniors: Overall High Score Small Group (Colour Me In)

Teens: Overall High Score Large Group (In the Naked Light)

Senior Overall High Score Solo: Olivia (Trauma)

Teen Overall High Score Solo: Jennifer (The Dawning)

Most Unique Award for Drifters

Best Artistry Award for Aftermath


Choreography Award: Hands Up, Hands High

Seniors Groups 1st (In the Naked Light) 2nd (Human), 4th (Hands Up, Hands High) and 5th

places (Colour Me In) overall in Elite level

1st (Aftermath) for Senior Productions

Junior Groups: 1st (Oh So Quiet), 2nd (All Will Be Well), and 3rd (Drifters) overall in Elite level

Junior Duets/Trios: 1st (Respect) and 3rd (The Skat) overall in Elite level

Petite Groups: 1st (It’s About That Walk) in Elite level

Senior Elite Solos: 1st, Jennifer (The Dawning), 5th, Olivia (High Priestess), 6th, Olivia (Trauma), and 10th, Renee (The Box)

Teen Elite Solos: 1st, Emily (Emphasis)

Junior Pre-Teen Elite Solos: 1st, Elizabeth (Love Me or Leave Me), 2nd, Elizabeth (Whatever Lola Wants)

Junior Elite Solos: 1st, Cristian (Sway), 4th, Cora (As Sure as the Sun)


Winner of Overall Studio Technique Award!

Winner of the Groove Award, top award for the competition!

Nominated for International Dance Awards (Booty Swing, Human, and Hands Up, Hands High)

Winner of the People’s Choice Award: Aftermath

Seniors Groups: 1st (Human), 2nd (Colour Me In), and 3rd (Hands Up, Hands High) places overall in competitive level small groups

Teens Groups: 1st (Bones) overall in Competitive level for small groups, 1st (Booty Swing) and 3rd (In the Naked Light) overall in Competitive level for large groups, and
2nd (If Only) in Novice level for small groups

Junior Groups: 1st (All Will Be Well) and 2nd (Oh So Quiet) in Competitive level for small groups, 1st overall (Drifters) overall in Competitive level for large groups

Petites Groups: 1st (It’s About That Walk) overall in Competitive level for large groups, 1st (Hey Mr DJ) overall in Competitive level for small groups

Productions 12 & Under: 1st (Aftermath) overall in Competitive level

Petite Duos/Trios: 2nd (The Skat), 3rd (Imagine), and 5th (Respect) overall in Competitive level

Petite Solos: 3rd, Cristian (Sway)

Junior Solos: 6th, Sofia (Never On Sunday), and 7th, Elizabeth (Whatever Lola Wants)

Teen Solos: 1st, Emily (Emphasis), 2nd, Jennifer (The Dawning)

Senior Solos: 1st, Olivia (Trauma), 6th, Olivia (High Priestess), 9th, Renee (The Box), 10th, Renee (Winter)


Regional Champions for the Blue (highest) level Senior Division!

Entertainment Award for 11 & Under Blue Groups, (highest level), Keep Your Heart Young

Choreography Award for 12 & Over Blue Groups (highest level), Hands Up Hands High

Senior Groups: 1st (Human), 2nd (Bones), 3rd (Colour Me In) places overall for Blue level small groups, 1st (In the Naked Light) and 4th (Booty Swing) places overall for Blue
level large groups

Teens: 2nd (If Only) and 9th (Clap Snap) places overall for White (intermediate) level small groups

Juniors Groups: 5th (Oh So Quiet) and 6th (All Will Be Well) places overall for Blue level small groups, 5th (Drifters) place overall for Blue level large groups

Petites Groups: 2nd (It’s About That Walk) and 3rd (Keep Your Heart Young) places overall for Blue level large groups

Petite Duos/Trios: 1st (Imagine) and 3rd (The Skat) overall for Blue level

Junior Solos: 3rd, Cristian (Sway) and 4th, Elizabeth (Whateve Lola Wants) for Blue level

Teen Solos: 3rd, Emily (Emphasis) for Blue level

Senior Solos: 2nd, Olivia (High Priestess), 4th, Jennifer (The Dawning), 10th, Renee (The Box)


Monthly tuition is $295 a month for Juniors, Teens, and Seniors, $210 a month for Petites, and $195 a month for Minis. Includes all rehearsals, core classes and electives except Aerial Silks and Acro. Master classes and private lessons are paid for separately. A $500, nonrefundable deposit is due no later than August 5, 2017 for all members. The deposit will be applied to your competition related costs. These costs cover competition entry fees, director fees, costumes, choreography, props, conventions, and uniforms (if needed) and are paid in three installments due on (approximately) the following dates: September 1, November 10, and February 18. Your installment amount depends on the number of dances being performed but you can expect it to be about $500-$600 per dance for Jr. and Sr. Company to compete with it six times. Master classes, private lessons, choreography & costumes for solos, duets, and trios are paid for separately.

Audition Information

One Beat Auditions are held in May, June, and August or by private appointment. The 2017 auditions are on Sunday May 21, Sunday, June 4, and Sunday, August 13 at: 2:00 p.m. – ages 5 to 8 4:00 p.m. – ages 9 to 12 6:00 p.m. – ages 13 and up For audition, dancers should wear a leotard or dance top with booty shorts or dance pants. Hair should be in a pony tail or bun. Boys should wear black pants or shorts and a T shirt. You may audition in jazz shoes, bare feet, or socks. Dancers will be taught contemporary and jazz combinations to do across the floor. The directors will conduct a brief interview with each applicant and ask them to complete a questionnaire. Those who try out should not be discouraged if they are not accepted. It just means you aren’t ready yet! Keep working! The directors are highly selective so as to maintain the integrity of the current teams. They will be looking for dancers who demonstrate that they are able to work very hard, take corrections well, and understand and accept the concept of teamwork. As for dance skills, they will be looking for the following: Minis: Able to demonstrate some flexibility as well as basic technique including tendus, passé on both sides, chasses on both sides, chaines on both sides, to be able to stay on rhythm with the music, point and flex feet, skip, jump off two feet and have a love for dance!

Petites: Everything listed under Minis, plus able to execute a single pirouette on the right and left side, do battements across the floor, cross ball changes across the floor, and demonstrate a clarity of body positions with sharp arms in movement where applicable. Must have a basic knowledge of musicality (knows how to count music) and their right and left splits.
Juniors: Able to execute a clean double pirouette on the right and left side. Can execute jazz progressions across the floor including battements, cross ball changes, single and double pique turns as well as chaines. Must be able to do grande jete’s, center leaps, axel turns. Loves to perform and smiles in class! Clarity of body positions (sharp arms in movement where applicable).

Teens and Seniors: Able to execute clean triple pirouettes on the right and left side as well as fouetté turns. Has strong technique and movement dynamics. Jazz progressions include double pique turns, chaine turns, single and double barrels, center leaps, switch leaps, etc. in which we are able to see strong body lines, use of plié, shift of weight through space. Must demonstrate clarity of body positions (sharp arms in movement where applicable), Right and left splits. Can bring an emotional quality to their dancing and has great stage presence. Displays strong sense of core and abdominal work.

Please RSVP for auditions at Results will be emailed to you within one week.

If you are accepted and you decide to join One Beat, you will need to sign a contract and make your first company payment of $500.

This payment is non refundable to ensure your commitment. It will be applied to your company dues, however.

If you are on Company, do not make any travel plans or commitments for August as this time must be left open to schedule choreography

Summer requirements for One Beat members are as follows: Petites, Juniors, Teens, & Seniors: 15 classes—5 ballet, 5 company technique, 5 of your choice. $265
Minis: 10 classes—5 company technique, 5 ballet/tap, ballet/jazz or beginner level class. $140 See summer schedule at

The Summer intensive, although encouraged and discounted for members, does not count towards summer requirements because a week of classes is not as effective as consistent training over time to maintain skills.